Junior Turks Elegent 2.0 Multi-ultility Combo set of 3 Mamma Child Diaper Bag 14 Pockets in camo Pink Pattern with the USB Charging Port



Premium material & Craft man ship-This aquostic design  nappy diaper mother bag set of three is made up of high quality of Polyester PU fabric which Is waterproof and tear-resistant,sturdy zipper quality & stitching make the Diaper Mothers Bag more durable. And the buckles are also made up of premium quality.

Elegant & modern design-This changing bag offer a spacious interior to keep everything including baby outfits snacks,toys & parents items organized orderly without being too bulky.This thing made our bag fit for mother & father both.This bag contain the 14 pockets with sporty opening style.



Additional features-The Backpack  have the Extra feature of the USB charging Port which give advantage to charge your mobile phone easily and at the time of Outdoor activity.And the Extra strap to hang the bag on the baby cart or to use it as per your reliability.

Additional Cart strap-And the Extra strap to hang the bag on the baby cart or to use it as per your reliability.

Unique Camo print-The Backpack have the Camo Pink Pattern  in the Front side and the shoulder Strap of the Backpack which give the Bag a high-lighted Identity.

Special Insulated Pouch-The Tote Diaper bag come with the Additional Insulated Milk bottle Pouch which give you an advantage  that allow you to heading out with the baby for a long day!

Dispatch able insulated bottle pouch-The Elegent 2.0 contain the Dispatch able insulated Milk Bottle which give an advantage at the time of journey. You can feed your kid easily and constant the temperature for few hours with the hot or cold milk.

Backside Opening Pocket-The Diaper bag have the an easy access opening pocket in the back side of the bag which give you advantage for accessing the inner material of the bag easily and conveniently at the time of outdoor activity

Exterior Necessity Pocket-The diaper bag with 2 exterior pockets for different sets of baby necessities like baby bibs, pacifiers, spoons, formula dispenser and scissors , insulated milk bottle (warm/cold) pouch that  keeps the milk warm & cold for few hours.

Both Side Bottle Holders-The ‘Junior Turks’ Brand Provide you the Premium Quality product at very reliable price with both side Letaherite Bottle holding pockets give you more space to carry extra accessories.

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