Junior Turks Cool Dino 1.0 Combo insulated Bottle Pouch Nappy Tote Diaper bag For the Mother Child navy Blue With Green.



Premium material-The Cool Dino Print Stylish Diaper bag is made up of high quality of Polyester PU fabric which have long term Durability and the zipper used in the bag is also of high quality. The Strap quality of the bag is made up of finest material which give a cool look to the bag.

Elegant & Modern Design-Our Diaper Bag has a streamlined Design With Cool Dino print with Great Construction and all the functionality need in a tote diaper Bag. Perfect for both MOM & DAD, this Bag  have the all features of classic Diaper Bag including Uniquely opening Compartment and 6 pocket for the ultimate Organization and a insulating  bottle holder.



Attractive Cool Dino Print-The bag has a unique and attractive Cool Dino Print in Green Color which give the unique identity to the Bag and user too.

Special Insulated Pouch-The Tote Diaper bag come with the Additional Insulated Milk bottle Pouch which give you an advantage  that allow you to heading out with the baby for a long day!

Exterior Necessity Pocket-The diaper bag with 2 exterior pockets for different sets of baby necessities like baby bibs, pacifiers, spoons, formula dispenser and scissors etc.

Special Mummy Compartment-The Bag comes with special mummy compartment which give the advantage to the Mom & Dad to use their regularly used in their daily life.

Widly opening Design and Padded base-Our Dino Series Tote Diaper bag comes with the Widely opening Design that give the advantage when your kids spits up and you need to change his\her clothes quickly. And the padded base of the bag a stability to the bag to stand easily without any kind of irritating.

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