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How to Reset Microsoft Office (Word) to Default Settings

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Make sure to back up the registry before you modify it. Make sure that you know how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up, restore, and modify the registry, see Windows registry for advanced users. This article reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free various methods that you can use to reset reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free options and registry settings in Microsoft Office Word.

There are two basic types of options that читать больше can define in Word. These options are as follows:. Options that the way that the program operates. The information for this kind of option is generally stored in the Microsoft Windows registry. Options that affect the formatting or the appearance of one or more reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free.

The information for this kind of option is stored in templates or documents. When you troubleshoot unusual behavior in the program or in a document, first determine whether the problem might be caused by formatting, options, or settings. If the behavior occurs in multiple documents, we recommend that you try windows 10 64 bit free download reset Microsoft Word to the program’s default settings.

If you prefer to reset user download driver camera windows 10 64 bit and registry settings in Microsoft Word yourself, go mocrosoft the “Let me fix it myself” section. These problems might require that you reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk. To manually reset a registry key, you must first delete it.

This step is important because you may have to restore the functionality that is provided by the key. Expand the appropriate folders to locate the registry key that you want to delete. Refer to the “Main locations of Word settings in the Windows Registry” section below.

When you are prompted to respond to one of the following messages, click Yes : Are you sure you want to delete this key? After you delete a registry key, and then you restart the program, Word runs miicrosoft Setup program to reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free rebuild the registry key.

If you want to rebuild the registry key before you run the program, repair your installation by following the steps in the “Repair Word Office ” section. You can reset some Word settings, such as the Reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free Data and Options keys in the Windows registry, by using the troubleshooting utility mirosoft is contained in the Support.

However, Word entries are the same for both locations. Thinkvantage toolbox download windows, any change that is made to one location is automatically reflected in the other location. This key contains binary information for “most recently used” lists, including the most recently used file list and the most recently used address book list. This key also contains “Track Changes” settings and “Edit” settings. This key stores the options that you can set from Microsoft Word, either by changing menu options or by running the Registry Options Utility.

For more information, see the “Use the Registry Options Utility” section. The options are in two groups: default options and optional settings. Default options are established during the setup process. You can change them by mictosoft options in Word.

To modify options in Word, click Options on the Tools menu. These options may or may not appear in the registry. All wizard defaults are stored in this key. These settings are created the first time that you run a wizard. This key is used by other Microsoft programs, such as the Office programs.

These settings are shared between programs. Changes made in one reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free settings also appear in the other program’s settings. This key contains the paths for all Windows utilities. Paths for graphics filters and text converters are also registered in this location.

Word can detect and repair problems associated with Setup. This feature uses the Windows Installer to correct problems with missing files and to repair registry settings. You can use the following methods to repair or reset Word files and values:. NOTE: This method is the least aggressive mode of repair. If this method does not resolve the problem, you may still have to use one of the other methods. The Detect dwfault Repair feature fixes and жмите сюда Word.

All files, registry entries, and reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free shortcuts for all Office programs are verified and источник статьи. If you run Detect and Repair from Word, all other Office programs are also checked. This feature reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free only a checksum. The Detect and Repair feature can also restore the Word program shortcuts on the Start menu. Здесь Detect and Repair does not correct the problem, you may have to reinstall Word.

The Reinstall feature in the Maintenance Mode popup window performs the same action as Detect and Repair, except fo Reinstall copies a file when the files are of equal versions. Detect and Repair does ссылка на страницу copy over the file when the installation file has the correct version and checksum.

If a file that Word uses at Startup is missing, the Windows Installer automatically installs that file before it starts the program. In Wordrun the Microsoft Office Diagnostics feature. NOTE: This method is a moderate mode reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free repair. If this method does not resolve the problem, you may still have to reinstall Word.

The Maintenance Mode Setup process is similar to the process found in earlier versions of Word. The Maintenance Mode Setup process allows you to reeset, add or remove features, and remove the program. To perform a Maintenance Mode repair, follow these steps:. In Windows 7 or Windows Vista: click Startand then type “add or remove”. In Word and in earlier versions of Word: click Detect and Repair errors in my Word installation or click Detect and Repair errors in my Office installationrdset check the Restore my Start Menu Shortcuts box, and then click Install.

NOTE: This method settihgs the most aggressive mode of repair. This mode resets Word to its default settings, except for settings that are stored in your global template Normal. To do this in Word and in earlier versions of Word, follow these steps:. For more information about Word or Wordsee How to install the individual Office features or to repair the installed Office programs.

To prevent formatting changes, AutoText entries, and macros that are stored in the global template Normalm. Renaming the template lets you quickly determine whether the global template is causing the issue. When you rename the Normal. These include custom styles, custom toolbars, macros, and AutoText entries. We strongly recommend that you rename the template instead of deleting the Normal. If you determine that the eord is the issue, you will be able to copy the custom styles, custom toolbars, macros, and AutoText entries from the Normal.

Certain types of miccrosoft may create more than one Normal. These situations include cases where multiple versions of Defaupt are running on the same computer or cases where several workstation installations exist on the same computer.

In these situations, make sure that you rename the correct copy of the template. To rename the global template file, follow these steps:. When you restart Word, a new global template Normal. When you start Word, the program automatically loads templates and add-ins that are located in the Startup folders.

Errors in Word may be the result of conflicts or problems with an add-in. To determine whether an item in a Startup folder is causing the problem, you can temporarily empty the folder. Word loads items from the Office Startup folder and the Word Startup folder. To remove items from the Startup folders, follow these steps:.

Right-click one of the files that is contained in the folder, and then click Rename. After the file name, type “. You may have fred rename the file by using its original name. If you can no longer reproduce the problem, you have found the перейти на страницу add-in that causes the problem.

If you must have the features that the add-in provides, contact the vendor of the add-in for an update. If the problem is not resolved, rename the add-in by using its original name, and reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free repeat steps 3 through 5 for each file in the Startup folder.

COM add-ins can be installed in any location, and they are installed by programs that interact with Word. To view the list of installed COM add-ins in Word and in earlier versions of Word, follow these steps:. You can use the Registry Options Utility to examine and change Word settings in the Windows registry. The Registry Options Utility is located in the Support.

AutoCorrect resrt are shared between Office programs. Any changes that you make to the AutoCorrect entries and settings when you are in one program imcrosoft immediately available to the other programs. Additionally, Word can store AutoCorrect items that are made up of formatted text and graphics.

Information about AutoCorrect is stored in various locations. These locations are given in the table below.



How to Restore Factory Settings in Microsoft Word (with Pictures)

Learn more about Allen If you prefer to reset user options and registry settings in Microsoft Word yourself, go to the “Let me fix it myself” section. For more information about Word or Word , see How to install the individual Office features or to repair the installed Office programs. For convenient, I think, you have changed the settings in word, excel. It’s inside of the Library folder. Rated this article:. This displays the Run dialog box.


Reset microsoft word to default settings 2016 free. How to restore default settings in Word, excel


This tip explains what Unicode is Insert a date into Word, and you are presented with a variety of formats you can choose from for that date. The default A file that uses the WIZ extension will open just fine in Word. What are these files, however, and how do you create them?

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All images are subject to review. Commenting privileges may be curtailed if inappropriate images are posted. Got a version of Word that uses the ribbon interface Word or later? This site is for you! If you use an earlier version of Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the menu interface.

Visit the WordTips channel on YouTube. View the most recent newsletter. Toggle navigation. Factory Default Settings for Word. You may want to protect yourself from potential problems by backing up the Registry first, and then you can accomplish the following steps: Choose the Run option from the Start menu.

This displays the Run dialog box. In the Open box enter the name regedit. Click on OK. This starts the Regedit program. Press the Delete key. You are asked if you want to really delete the key.

Click on Yes. The selected key is deleted. Close the Registry Editor. Click the View tab. Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives under “Hidden files and folders” and click OK.

Navigate to your Users folder in File Explorer. If Windows is installed on another drive, replace C with the appropriate drive letter. Navigate to your Microsoft Templates folder. Here’s how: Double-click the folder for your username in the right panel. Double-click the AppData folder this is usually hidden. Double-click the Roaming folder. Double-click the Microsoft folder. Double-click the Templates folder.

This file contains many of your Word options—when you rename the file, Word will have to create a new file with its original factory settings. Press the Enter key. This key combination opens the Run window, which is where you’ll be able to open the registry editor for the remaining settings changes. Type regedit and click OK. This opens the registry editor. It’s in the left panel of the registry editor.

This expands more options inside. It’s in the new set of folders that expanded in the left panel. More folders will appear. Double-click Microsoft. It’s also in the left panel. Even more folders will expand. Double-click Office. More folders will expand. Double-click the correct folder for your version of Word. The next folder you’ll enter depends on which version of Word you’re using: Word , , and Double-click the Word Double-click the Click the Word folder one time. Don’t double-click—just click it once to select it.

Press the Del key to delete the key. When you’re prompted to confirm, click Yes to do so. Now that you’ve made these changes, you can close the registry editor and File Explorer and restart Microsoft Word. You can now start from scratch in Word. Method 2. Close Word and all other Office applications. You’ll need to move some files around, and you won’t be able to do so while Office applications are open.

It’s at the top of the screen. This displays a menu that contains the Library folder, which would’ve been hidden if you hadn’t used the Option key.

Click the Library folder. A list of files will appear. Double-click the Group Containers folder. It’s inside of the Library folder. Another set of files and folders will appear. Office folder. Yet another folder and file list will appear. Double-click the User Content folder. For more computer tips and tricks, please visit MiniTool News Center. Also learn how to remove office from Control Panel or Settings.

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