How to Add an Open Command Window Option to Windows 11’s Context Menu

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Open Command Window Here or Replace Open Powershell Here

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Answer: Yes, you can. Press Shift+ right-click in the folder you want to open Command Prompt. From the context menu, select “Open command window here”. Q. Now you can select a new Open Command Prompt here option on the context menu. Right-click a folder in File Explorer and select Show more options. Let’s find out how to add “open command window here” in the Windows 10 file explorer context menu. The ability to open a command prompt window straight from.

Windows 10 right click open command prompt here powershell free

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to add open Command Prompt Here to right-click menu in Windows The command prompt is an entry. Make Shift+Right-click show Open command window here instead of PowerShell. Restore Open command prompt item to folder context menu.


How to Put “Open Command Window Here” Back on the Windows Right-Click Menu.PowerShell is replacing Command Prompt


The Command Prompt is a command-line interpreter that helps automate tasks, perform administrative functions, and troubleshoot system problems.

To run this tool, you simply need to enter the correct commands. Similarly, PowerShell is also a command-line interpreter that helps you manage and automate tasks.

In most cases, you can use the Command Prompt and PowerShell to perform the same tasks. This article covers the nine ways to open the Command Prompt and PowerShell. The Quick Access menu offers an incredibly easy way for opening various Windows features. The Run command dialog box is one of the best tools you can use to quickly access your Windows apps.

You can access most Windows software programs using the Start menu search bar. To run each tool with administrator privileges, right-click on the tool and select Run as administrator. You can always rely on the Task Manager for monitoring system performance.

If you like using shortcuts, then you can create ones for the Command Prompt and PowerShell. This will help you access these tools with just a single mouse click! In the next window, type a suitable name for this shortcut. You can rename it as Command Prompt shortcut or anything similar. Click Finish to finalize the process. To pin this shortcut to the taskbar, right-click on it and select Pin to taskbar.

Finally, pin the shortcut to the taskbar as per the previous steps. Now, you can easily access the Command Prompt or PowerShell by clicking their icons on the taskbar.

The Command Prompt and PowerShell make it quite easy to automate tasks or troubleshoot Windows problems.


Windows 10 right click open command prompt here powershell free


PowerShell has gradually eclipsed it. That option enabled users to open directories in the Command Prompt by right-clicking their folders from File Explorer. Instead of manually editing the registry yourself, you can set up a registry script file to do it. These are the steps for setting up a REG script file that restores the missing Open command window option.

Click the ok button to proceed. Then click ok. Back in the registry editor window, right click the HideBasedOnVelocityId item and select rename from the menu. With this you will have the option to open command window here again in your file explorer context menu. If you’ve enjoyed this article or found it useful, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know by clicking the Like or Share button below. Thank you! The Windows 11 taskbar now comes with widgets and many other customizable options.

Are you missing out on things? How to automatically run an elevated task at startup and circumvent the UAC prompt, with Task Scheduler and the schtasks command. Read More. Learn about Windows 11 start menu folders to make your life a little easier than it was yesterday.

REG extension e. Then double-click the saved file and follow the prompts to import it into the Registry:. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

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Improve this answer. The 2nd method in your answer is good. But for someone who has no idea what to do with the. Even though there is error message, the operation is success — KharoBangdo. How to restore from these reg keys? Show 7 more comments. This works for powershell too.

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