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When I open my pagermaker 6. How do I correct that and what happens if I ignore it. Hello, Usually you receive this error when running the build booklet plugin. Try this With Pagmaker closed rebuild your preferences. If then reopen pagemaker and see if the error still occurs. If it does please answer the following..

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H Mr itMta. I 10am-6pm SAT. I 10am-5pm SAT. The motherboard holds your processor and memory, has slots to connect to optional cards like sound and modem, end controls the input and output for all components, including stor- age media.

If you have a good, solid mother- board, the rest of your system has a better chance of behaving properly. Swapping a motherboard Is not as straight- forward as it once seas, for three main reasons: different processors may require different motherboards, different motherboards may have different chipsets, and different chipsets may require differeul memory. Stylus C80 Fiotn. ROM, 1. A client application runs on your computer [Windows, Mac or Linux and automatically updates our nameservers with your new IP address each time your on the net.

Simple, huh? From Dynamic DNS to email and web for- warding, all of our bullet-proof services are backed by knowledgeable and responsive cus- tomer support staff who help you administer your domains. Sign up today at www. It has gained a lot of that market share now, and while Intd’s processors still account for a good majority of the chips sold, it’s worth noting that a very high percentage of total sales are to major brand-name PC makers. You can see the other side of the story when you walk into your neighbourhood computer shops and see that the ratio is much more even.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the Athlon has typically been hir cheaper than the Pentium 4. Even a short while back, when you thought of business applications, you thought of Intel. The main reason, though, is the series of refinements and improvements AMD has made to the processor since it suc- ceeded the K6, Introdudni the Athlon XP A qukk look at the rated speed of the Athlon versus the rated speed of the Pentium 4 gives the impression that the Athlon is a much slower chip, but that’s Though the Pentium 4 recently broke 2 GHz and AMD is c nly now introducing a 1.

That’s one of the reasons AMD has dis- pensed with the frequency rating as the actual name of the chip, instead moving towards a new nomenclature. The new processor is known as the Athlon XP, previoudy referred to by the code name Palomino. Though well-timed to arrive during the hype over Windows XP.

So, all you really need to know for the time being is that, even though the number at the end no longet refers to the frequency, the higher it is, the better the processor will perform. The new substrate is desired for lower impedance and higher tolerance of heat Also, the lower cost of the material should help keep the price of the processors lower overall, Upgrading your Athlon Until recently, there were few variables involved with Athlon upgrades, though there were still pitfaUs to avoid.

While both of the company’s desktop processor lines, the Athlon and the Duron, use the Socket A interface, there are two different types of memory involved.

The introduaion of the Athlon XP throws a new wrench into the works. While it still uses the pin Socket A. Because the Athlon XP is still so new, there aren’t many motherboards available yet that can handle the new processor. For that reason, we’ve opted to take a look at boards that can handle the previous gen- eration of the Athlon, with speeds of up to 1. The graphics card was a Oealive Annihilator GeFoiue2 Ultra, and each board used its own onboard sound.

I Platinum j Platinum Advance! Apple i’Pod 1, songs in your po«lcol. SMUMoy 1Cai»6pm. What h does offer, however, is some of the best performance weVe seen.

It also comes with a fiiU six PCI slots, more than on any other boards we looked at this month. Its multiplier and voltage can be tweaked, if you so de. Corifmiierf on page 59 Call Toll Free Now! East Miss. The EasyTune software allows you to tweak your system. OIK parallel. OK, so they fudged a bit on the G. All in all, it adds up to a very nice package that will cost you a lit- tle idore.

Pentium has had a good run since it was introduced in , Since that point, a number of different versions have been spun off, including the Penthim 11 and Pentium III chips as direa descendants, but also modified versions like the Celeron a budget-oriented chip and the Xeem a petformance-orienled chip. The Pentium 4, introduced in , is the newest processor aimed at the con- sumer desktop.

Both of those issues have now been dc-alt with, somewhat. Earlier in the year, in response to Ihc low price of the Athlon, Intel slashed prices across llie Pentium 4 line. The price of a 1. Still, this price is just under dou- ble that of the 1. Depending on the i outcome of the suits, you mayor may not be able to find motherboards with this chipset.

This unbalances the data irans- , fer inside, with a flow of 3. The advantage, though, is being able to use a much cheaper form of memory, When we were writing up this article, a MBstickof PC Boards with Socket onboard are perfectly good boards, though most Pentium 4 proces- sors in the nearfoturc will be transitioned to the Socket format, which features , additional power and ground pins for belter speed and performance.

Socket boards were tested with a 1. Oghz I. TM IJ. The DFI board has one thing going for it right off the bat the processor mount and heat-sink clamp is extremely easy to use — just drop in the heatsink, move the two levers down and lock it in place, with- out any additional fuss or tools required. AC97 audio and modem support is onboard, and the board features one CNR slot for adding mrjdem or netsvorking. It also provides the best performance of the three Socket boards we looked at this month.

If you need a very basic system with good per- formance, it’s hard to go wrong with an Intel board. The board has basic AC97 audio built in, and a gameport.

What thb format does sport b an additional 55 pins for power and grounding, allowing the processors to reach even higher speeds. Socket boards were tested with a few different configurations, depending on the chipset induded on the board and the subsequent RAM requirements. The latest from the world’s leading Windows authority, Mark Minasi’s Mastering Windows XP Professional Is the premier resource for anyone installing, configuring, and administering Windows XP, whether as part of a corporate network or for home or small-business use.

Newly revised and updated, the second edition of Digital Photography! Mastering Windows XP Home Edition provides full coverage of every topic, from installation to networking. With this book as your guide you can tackle everything from using your camcorder effectively to creating Impressive special effects.

Set up a home studio, edit your movies, and make video magic. You’ll find loads of Ideas for projects that range from practical to just plain fun. Firefly Books Ltd. Pikai ire suttact B diinje vVihaut nsUca. All Socket boards were tested with a 2 GHz Pentium 4 processor. Gigabyte Technotogy www. Gigabyte is one of the first oul of the gate with its based P4 Titan board. The diMinctive blue board has a full sue PCI slots, giving you lots of room to expand the system with add-on boards, and one CNR slot for adding an inexpensive com- munications or audio card.

The board ships with a thceplale for the hack of your case, though. Up from Intel un the Socket side we have a pair of micro- ATX boards, perhaps refleaive of the smaller size of Socket The first is the Brookdale-based DHV. Even bel- ter, if you have to go to the smaller form factor, you don’t have to sacrifice per- formance. All in all, it’s a better choice for a compact business- oriented machine, and though the bench- marking numbers were foiriy similar to those of the DHV. If not exactly the most stellar, its ‘ performance was right up there with the other boards.

Continued on pap Hluclinghwsodieb for RAID. Quite bluntly, it smokes the rest of the tompcli- tion in Sysmarfc — this Shuttle board posted a poinl lead on the next -hip- est competitor in this month’s tests. It might have been nice to see CNR or Ethernet onboard, but as it stands, the AV40R is geared up to pitTvide excellent performamre and a lot of room to expand your storage. Vancouver-based Absolute Software wwwabsotutecom has launched a secure asset , tracking and inventory raanagement service called AbsoUiteTrack.

The service uses Absolute’s Corriputrace platform, and is targeted at smaU- to medium-siaed businesses that need to track their remote, mobile, atxl desktop PC assets, as well as manage inventory daily, for larger companies that have an asset manage- ment system. AbsoluteTrack provides an inventory module that can back remote and mobile computers.

According to the company, AbsoluteTrack helps IT staff manage software licences, computer leases, machine configurations. PC retirement, hardware and software upgrades, and device ownership. The service alerts administrators of events — when a sys- tem’s lease is due or components have been added to it. In addition. Absolute says, the new service can help prevent computer loss and monitor security policy violations. The Computrace platform used in the service is comprised of software installed on PC hard drives that sends notifications to the Absolute monitor- ing centre when the computer is online.

The user is not aware that the PCs IP address, phone number, and other data points are being transmit- ted. This allows administrators to col- lect asset data and companies to back stolen hardware. An mteiltgeni operating system permits directory listings, viewaWa on a back-lit rfsplay panel. No need to bring mutOoie memory cards or heavy laptops. MimSar can save ttiousanda of lies trom al pepub- memory cards. Stay prepered wUhcwl oretpacidng Maks MmdSltx die place to store yoir diglld shots.

This is especially true with motherboards, for a number of I, Different processors often requiredif- ferent sockets An Intel processor will use a different socket than an AMD.

A high-end processor may use a different socket than a value-ori- ented processor. To make things even more confusing, the same prcKessor may change sockets during its lifetime for other reasons, like a newer form factor, or an upgraded design. In short, modem motherboards are almost always processor-specific, which means you have to pay extra-close attention when you’re Meeting one to go with a specilk processor, and vice versa.

Different moth- erboard chipsets are aimed at different segments of the computer world, and sometimes the same processor can be learned up with different chipsets depending on the ultimate use of the machine. Thus, not only are mother- boards processor-specific, they are often also, technically, appiicalion-spe- cific.

This fector is worth paying attention to for a couple of reasons. Because of these three variables socket type and required memory are the ones chat will really sling you , it’s important Co make sure you have every thing in place before the upgrade, in lerm.

Pentium 4 boards are a bit power hungry, and require at least twu separate connec- tors from the power supply, and some- times three. One of these is the same plug that has been used on ATX-style boards for a while, and the second is a small four- pin connector known as ATX 1 2V, which is voh power.

On particularly hungry systems, there’s a third connector, known as ATX Aux. If not, you may base to swap the power supply, though it’s almost as cheap just to get a new case. Another issue with the cases is the way the motherboard connects to the buttons and LED lights.

Other boards aimed directly at the Pentium 4 market may come with an all- in-one brickof jumpers designed for Intd boards. If your case comes widl the indi- vidual jumpers, you should be able to hook them up to the motherboard with- out incident. If not. One last thing about cases; although marry new cases come with die mounting holes for the screws molded right into the case there will be bumps on the back plate , some will still require you to install Iittk metal standolT mounts onto the plate.

Not every motherboard has the mounting holes in exactly the same place, so make absolutely sure your standoMi are in the right location before you try installing the new board, or you could do some damage if an old standoff is in the wrong place, or if you accidentally flex the board in a location that has no backing support.

The long and short of it: make sure you have them ready. Upgrading your motherboard is also a very tricky proposition for another reason: the drivers that a motherboard needs to function are at the very heart of your oper- ating system. Yank your motherboard out and replace it with a strange new board and your system will likely do some very strange things and a much of your hard- ware will probably stop woridng.

The most notable Item that wiU became useless following a miilKerboard transfer is your CD-ROM drive, which is especially problematic, because most of the drivers youH need to make your new motherboard work are Your best bet is to copy all relevant files over to your hard drive before you swap the motherboard out, including making a copy of your entire Windows installation CD.

Make sure you backup allof your impor- tant files before you attempt to swap a motherboard, just in case you have to re- format your hard drive.

One familiar ocample is Federal Express and the tranformalion that has occurred with parcel track- ing — from phoning someone in customer service to going online and tracking the package yourself. But it doesn’t slop there. Take banking, for example.

Small business owners have been putting pressure on Canadian banks to come up with new — often IntemeT-based — ways of providing financial services. It offers Canadian small business owners services that do away with deposit and withdrawal Iks. But bizSmart claims to be more than ;ust an online banking service. The Sept. Andy Nilssen, senior analyst and part- ner with Wainhouse Research vMw. By going to bizSmarc’s Knowledge Centre section, users can lap into a library of articles and information compQed by experts, interactive presentations, online tutorials, and templates.

There is also direct access to e-incorp which steps users through the proces of incorporation! What they told us was that the place they enjoyed the shopping experience was at Staples. So at Staples we ate creating a one-stop shopping environ- ment where they can get their supplies and do their banking.

We staff it with two of nur business bankers and they can come in and talk to people about any questions they have. A busincs. Peiro-Canada, 21ellers. A list is available at the epost Web site. Once a bill is received, payment can be made by credit card, electronic funds transfer, or through an Internet bank service used by the business.

This means the nearly S,3 million vis- itors MSN. Also new to MSN. We also can forward quenesl to an expert pane whose man- date is to help out small businesses whh The panel provides advice on a range of small business topics, such as starting an online business, financing and account- ing questions, marketing and sales advice.

Providing expert advice thtough bCentral allows Microsoft to build relationships with small business customers, says Sharma. You tend to get caught up with your application development and this helps us keep in touch with who oui customers are. Currently, Canadaone. So, just being able to tap into a resource to have ques- tions answered quickly is very useful to Toronto-based Newbusinessnow. Eric Cohen, a lawyer and presi- dent of the online service, offers infor- mation and access to experienced parale- gal experts across Canada, who can answer province-specific questions on incorporation.

Through Newbusinessnow. And like the other small business por- tals, Newbusinessnow. Metamend thief executive, Richard Zwicky, says he became interested in search engine marketing and placement after having to do it when he launched his own online business. In May , he launched Metamend. It is available for S2S per month and dues not require specialized software. The differences between die three are subtle. Because it has about a to econd delay, it is ased for one-way communication, not conversations, Many corporations use Webcasting to get imponani, internal information to a specialized audience.

Webconferencing has snme two- way communication capability. Even before the terrorist attacks, use of all three of these types of services had been gnawing consblently as prices fell and more companies found uses for them, said Nilsscn.

He recalled that the Web streaming market ruse rapidly a few years ago, leading some to predict it would be the new television. Nilsscn said video over the Internet will replace travel in a lot of circumstances, but not all. Now, that crown belongs to Quart; XPress, especial- ly within professional publishing envi- ronments, such as newpapers. The low end of the DTP market has been populated by products like Microsoft Publisher, which get ever more powerful and easier to use.

PageMaker is also facing competition from illustration programs, like CorclDraw, that have mure page layout features with each revision. If you’re not a design pnifessiortai, but you’re nut a complete neophyte, you need profession- al looking documents that can be printed locally, commercially, or oeported as PDFs. Brotne HL53Cy S You want a wide range of professional templates that you can extend and modi- fy for a corporate look and feel. Your solution: ftigeMaker 7.

If you already own PageMaker, the upgrade to 7. But what about the new user? But Iriends, do not be swayed by price. PageMaker and Publisher are not in the same snack bracket. Publisher is an easy- to-use, template driven entree into desk- top design. But PageMaker is a povrerful.

Publisher has its place — as a single- printer honte or small business solution. Sure you could send your Publisher flies Ic the service bureau itsing its Pack and Go But your results will be spotty and your hassle-quotient high when you send aiong Publisher files filled with RGB colour, truetype fonts, and WMF giaphics- CorelDraw is a closer competitor to PageMaker as a mid-range solution, but as an all-in-one paint, illustration, and layout tool, CorcIUraw’s graphic suite is really a diffcFent animal altogether.

The template previews are quite small and the numeric file naming convention hinders easy template selec- tion and identification.

TTiere is some logic to the numeric file naming, however: the leading digit refers to the difficulty level — from zero, for easy black and while templates, to three, for advanced, full-colour commercial press templates. However, descriptive file names would vastly impmve the selection process. Currently, you have to double-click and open a copy of he template as a new file in PageMaker to gel a brtter “look-see.

It is a clumsy process at best. However, the templates are excellent — elegant, professional, and far above those provided in Publisher. They demonstrate that PageMaker is clearly targeting a business base. Where ofhers foiled, Korax succeeded The supporf Team at Korax is superior Korax is by far the best web provider I’ve run across I just wanted to fhonh everyone at Korax Adding more, along with new descriptive file names, would make PageMaker even better.

Tn look at the artwork, you can pull up the picture palette with or without the content CD in the drive. Most photographs are about 3×3 in, at dpi. PageMaker’s picture palette makes searching a cinch.

You can customize the picture palette by creating your own categories and adding your own artwork. Again, like templates, incorporating more artwork would be even better.

It allows users to merge data into a PageMaker publication, personalizing conteot for targeted communications. It is a snap tn use: just create a comma- delimited data filet select it as a data source in the daU merge palette with your target document open; then place the fields in your publication by simply placing your text icon in the appropriate spot and double-clicking on the data field in the data merge palette and, voilai You can step through and preview each record within the document, I then merge all or [ust a I range of records.

Any data manipulation must be done beforehand to the source data itself, but it sure beats converting or rebuilding a third-party product for some simple cus- tomizing. They are wdlerptDof and much more fade resistant than the dye-hased inks used in the majority of inkjet prinlers. Until recently, pigment inks were not viable for colour printing, particularly photo printing, because they produced a more limited range of colours, and the colours they did produce were duller than a conveational inkjet’s output.

Epson made a breakthrough in pig- ment-based inks with its Stylus Photo P earlier this year. This is a photo-quality inkjet aimed at photo enthusiasts, and carries a SI,2CK price lag. The CSD is the next generation of pig- ment-based inkjet printer, and this time, Epson is aiming at the mainstream. With a rated output for block text of 20 pages per minute ppm and lOppm for colour, it is now Epson’s fastest inkjet.

Epson says the C80 isthe first printer to use a new formulation of pigment ink it calls DuraBrile. In addition to being waterproof, it has an estimated fade resistance of around 70 years. CeranPX-l S4a. Repair at flat rate. Best Service CreitaS Imrtsediately. S30 Otto Rooa. IM I2A. Another factor that will make this printer more economical to operate is the fact that the pigment-based inb will produce exccDeni output even on plain paper.

I’he reason for this, according to Epson, is an inherent characteristic of the pigment inks themselves: they are not absorbed into the paper as much as Epson is predk’ling that the C80 svill become its workhorse model, especially for small or home-based businesses.

The waterproof inks will allow anyone to pro- duce small quantities of durable full colour handbills, brochures, business cards, etc.

Along with IheCSU, two network-ready models will be available. The C80WN will include a wireless Thi goal is to “package” the cheapest sysiein possibh service if you run into trouble. Please, one level of undo? The Revert command to the last saved instance of llie document is a nice feature, but still a ton of time can be wasted redoing work when design plans go awry between. TTie ideal way would be to incorpo- rate the Adobe Page.

Maker Classroom in a Book materials with the software. Conclusion If Adobe has done one thing very well, it IS to lie together a diverse set of graphics. Web, and DTP tools into a complete development ensemble. Melinda UcCuHoiigh is a pubtehing advisot. She can be readied rrt-miriailoughfihort’exom. You eon’t afford not to bo. For S. Considering how cheap RAM is. Vdu can expand it many ways and FireWire gives you the ciplinn of adding a speedy CD burner later so overall it’s not such a bad deal.

Apple releases free The 10,1 upgrade is out, and all over the with on a daily basis. It’s available in two ways: you can either order it online www.

All three major Apple dealers here in Vanuiuver had Che upgrade in stock last we checked. However, many of the computer super- store-type places didn’t know what we were talking about, so your best bet is to call an authorized dealer and get them to hold a copy for you. In order to run Mac appli- cations, you must have 9. So the question is. I what should you expect from it? For lO.

It was a sentiment echoed by Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gales, who led the launch festivilies from New York. And we are also going to be providing other services like calendering and con- tacts. The privacy control is important. The messag- ing for real-time connections is a founda- tion. The new personal digital experi- ences. Really well look back and say it’s common sense, these are the ways that people deal with information.

It is also supposed to he faster than Windows 98 SE when booting up and up to 25 percent fa. XP has been developed to handle access and delivery of such services, many of which will be offered not only by Microsoft but by a growing number of third parties. Ai e M friendly web nesting from Previously, this just opened the avourites folder, which was useless.

Rather, you get a progress bar and when it’s done everything appears ready to go. You can now resize columns, and folders are marked with a triangle to indicate they will fill in the next frame. This was a big pel peeve with IQ. They are saved to the desktop as Tlf-‘h files. In total. I fixes durens of bugs and speed issues that used to drive us mod and Apple has promised to provide incremental upgrades every month, so things will con- nnue to imprtwe until the tdaue of New PowerSook C4 rdeesed Afrer only 10 months on the market, one of the bestselling PowerBook models in recent years has been updated.

The new PowerBook G4 is taster, cheaper, and mure flexible than the origi- nal and should prove to be a huge hit with PowerBook customers. On the pcrfiirm- ance side. Apple has answered most of the complaints about the first G4 laptop by addressing CPU.

However, those purchas- ing the tup model may find that low pro- file MHz RAM is quhe pricey for the first few months, so you may want to wah to upgrade it. The storage has been significantly upgraded as well, with a 20 GB hard drive on the low end and a choice of 30 GB or 48 GB on the cop model.

Other small tweaks include standard gigabit Ethernet on all models a laptop firsti and an included AirPort wireless’ card on the MHz mudd.

RAM remains unchanged at to MB. Overall, these machines are much frsler than the models they replace while still maintaining the same 2. At your fingertip! Cooling Power!

We carry an assorfrnent of products that make for great gifts! Road Wired authorized reseller. Shop online or call our toll free order line: www. In its new device, Handspring integrates email, messaging. When closed, users can slUl view the dis- play to see the name of a caller, read mes- sages, or scroll through the calendar and other applications.

Calls can be dialed using the on-screen number pad, clicking on one of 50 speed- dial icons, or. In addition to accessing POP5 email accounts, users can send and receive SMS short message service, a format used to send text messages to devices with tiny screens, like ceRular phones and Internet chat messages.

Recipients can be selected from the phone list, and common SMS phrases chosen from a pull-down menu. The Treo has a four-bit grayKaJe dis- play capable of rendering x pbcels. It measures 11×6. It includes a travel charger with USB HutSync cable a serial cable is available separately and headset.

In addition to the Mm Desktop, the Tteo comes with soft- ware for synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook out of the box, Missing from the new device is a Springboard slot — the expansion port that helped distinguish Handspring’s Visors from their Palm siblings. For communicator products, com- pact size is of paramount importance and expandability is secondary. Pricing for GSM service acti- vation will depend on the provider. Handspring says it is currently in negoci- atiems with GSM carriers and expects to announce a Canadian partner soon.

There are also some new build to order options. The MHz model is definitely the technological breakthrough here, and it seems Apple will probably want to move the low end up to the MHz board as soon as pricing allows. In the meantime, performance of the low-end model. New iBook announced The iBook revitalized Apple’s sales in the consumer and educaliiin markets, offering a reasonable amount uf power in a nice small package that was more than g I lb.

MB of RAM. The models with DVD. All of the newly announced iBook and PnwerBook models include System 9. C He ran be leadied al IwmensigmaLCoei. Danger adds camera to integrated device Harrdspring isn’t the only company to unveil an integrated device this fall Danger viww.

The small pager-like device has a screen that flips up lu reveal a liny keyboard Like the Tree, it has messaging, Web browsing, and phone functions, but also adds a digital camera option to Che mix, allowing uwrs to snap and send images within seconds. Consumers will nut be able tu purchase a Hiptop directly fruni Danger or hard- ware retailers, however. Instead, Danger says it will be selling its end-to-end plat- form which includu a hack-end service, slandards-based framework using pro- grams written in Java, and the Hiptop hardware to wireless service providers who will then sell hardware and service bundles to consumers.

Danger says the Fiiptop will be avail- able in early , but expeas it wili be a couple of months before it has any announcements on pricing. The company says it expects the Hiptop will be available in Canada sometime in Availability here, however, will depend on how soon Danger finds a Canadian wireless parTner.

The router sits between your broad- band cable or DSL modem and your PCs, and acts as he contact point between your computers and the broad- band provider, so as far as they know, you’re only a single computer connected to their network.

Here arc a few new devices to help you share w connection. This router comes with a buUi-in printer port, so aO the PCs on your network can share a single printer, IF you already have It’s a small silver box with a flip-up antenna and a purl fur a. The included CD comes with a few eidras, including WinZip. The modules are designed to work with As a bonus, the CD includes MusicMatch software, and the car-radng game Re- volt. The adapters are compatible with Windows 98, Me, , and XP.

More These are the most recent products to be sent to TCP’s Test Lab, but are by no means the only products worth consider- ing. Back issues are archived online at vMvtianadacompuies. S, -based National Fuel Research Center wwwrdtrr. Though invented in , the technology has recently attract- ed attention as a potential replaceinent for the fuel-burning internal combustion engine. The automobile industry is inter- ested in the technology because it extracts m » fc.

Commercial’ wuu-securenet-net energy more efficiently and emits relative- ly less pollution and noise. The appeal of the technology for laptop and digital cam- era users vrould be that, unlike a battery, a fuel ceil does not run down or require recharging it operates as long as it has a supply of fuel and oxidizer.

According to Motorola, early prototypes developed by its scientists used separate components surrounding the fuel cell device to deliver FueL determine its con- centration, arrd sepante the carbon diox- ide generated from the liquid fuel For the newest prototype, however, they have suc- cessfully scaled down and integrated many of these components, making the size of the combined device more suitable for use in small consumer electronics.

The experimental prototype measures 5x10x1 cm 2x4xD. CH- n-ew T:. The Connected Products Division, which made digital cameras, toys, and digital audio players, will be phased out sometime early next year, according to Intel spokesman Bill Calder. Existing inventory will be sold through the holidays and first quarter of , and the division will be shut down.

The pullout comes at a time when it’s vital for Intel to drop projects Wiat don’t make money. Before that can happen, she says, they have more research to do on components of the fuel cell device, as well as developing ways to package and supply the fuel and establishing standards and regulations for the technology.

In addition to its fuel cell research, Stuessy says Motorola is also exploring photovoltaics generating electricity from light], but they have no anmuncements to make on that research yet.

Even bet- can set this up for someone who is new to o they can instantly see which document they should use for which purpose. This month. We’ve created this command centre in Word Set the Height and Width of the page so it is approximately the dimensions of your screen.

Using a ratio of width to height 21 cm wide and 14 cm high, for example works well. If a prompt appears telling you that the margins are outside the printable area of the page, choose Ignore you won’t be printing the document and want the maximum page area to tsorkwith. To view thedocument clearly, choose View, Zoom.

VVhole Page, and the page should fit inside the Word editing window. Creating tite Images Tb make a colourful command centre, you can use images for the links you create on the page. If you can’t find an image relevant for each document you’ll be creating a link for in your command centre, use a single image and save it as dif- ferent colours in your graphics software. The result will still be very attractive. To reduce the size of an image in PaintShop Pro.

This will resize Che graphic without distortion. Save the resized file. To use a single image in many colours. There are two processes for creating the links, and the type you use depends on what documents they open. A Hyperlink, like those you see or a Web page, opens an existing document. To make a link that opens a new documents to create a letter using a com- pany template, for example , you have to create a macro.

We’U look at these two methods in turn. Use Insert. Move the image into To add the link, click the image to select it and choose Insert, then Hyperlink. In the dialogue, click Existing File or Web Page, then click File so you can browse to find the document that you’ll – link to this image.

Select the file and click OK. To test your new link, click somewhere in the document away from ihe image so it isn’t.

The doc- ument you’ve linked the image will now open in Ihe Word win- dow, You can close it by choosing File, then Close. In order to follow the mtoriali, you U need a copy of Flash 5. You can download a day, fully functional demo version from ihe Macromedia Web site. While use of Ihe demo is limiied by time, it only counts the actual days you use it, so if you use it sparingly, you should be able to follow along for several arti- cles.

Or, if a friend hus a legitimate copy on a computer you can use. By Keith Schengili-Rolmts L ike graphic artists, who are skilled in using various pens, ink, air- brushes, and paper. Flash artists need to know the tools of their trade to gel the most out them. What makes Flash different from a typical graphics pro- gram, however, is that it’s raster-based — it automatically tries to optimize the vari- ous lines and shapes you draw.

Drawing lines Click on the Line tool it looks like a slanted line , then move your cursor over the Stage, The cursor will change to a cross-hair icon. Click and hold your left mouse button and drag it across part of the Stage. When you release it. The default cobur for the line is black. You’U notice that your line now appears ”thicker,” indicating that it has been selected.

But Linux adherents reply that their OS has some of the leading transaction pro- cessing benchmarks for queries, and that new Tux and Apache Web server per- formance measures are 2.

The simple fact is that Linux is doing quite well in the server market, particu- larly fur Web server machines where it is the fastest growing operating system in the world.

So, if you want Co find out the latest on Linux for either business or practical home use, here are four hooks vrorth con- sidering. Slackware, and SuSE distributions of Linux. Having spent hours fiddling with those utilities, trying to guesstimate their funclionalily, it is a pleasure to see those topics clearly covered. But Inside Linux goes beyond the desk- top needs and addresses some of the issues for using Linux in a Web and net- work setting. The lattes of commands heie are compietiensive and concse while being descriptive.

Sock page tabs in the mat- gins matk the chaplets, indices and table of con- terts also ease navigation. This foull comes home to roost in Linux in a NuCshefL The book does a good job of covering all the f. These are well organixed with major ciplionai settings duly noted. But the examples are sparse — covering only about one in four commands. In foci, that is our main beef about this otherwise excellent reference.

The result is chat Linux in a Nutshell is a good reference but not all that it could be. Wrox lYess Extras. A fw more screen shots of intermediate remits would be helpful.

Rating: 4. Type the text in the dix:u- meni, select it, and choose Insert, then Hypertink. Follow the previous instruc- tions for locating and selecting the file, choosing a bookmark and adding a ScreenTip. It is a good idea to add text links as well as image links, particularly if you’re using simple images to represent a document. Making the text clickable allows you to dick either the text or the image to open the file.

Creating macro links As we mentioned, adding links to create new documents from templates is a dif- ferent process. Give he new macro a name, such as CreateNewl,erter you can’t use spaces in macro names.

Then, from the Store Macro In drop-down list, select the name of your command centre document and dick OK. Now step through the process of creating a new file based on a template: for example, select Pile, New, dick the template you want to use and click OK. Begin by double-clicking in the docu- ment where you want the image to appear and create a field code by pressing Control -r F9. Move your cursor between the brackets and type maoDbullDn followed by the name of your macro.

You will, of course, need to replace the image’s filename and path with the location of the image you plan to use. Note that the syntax of this command requires you to use two back- slashes in the path name as shown to refer to a single backslash in the path. So, for example, to run the macro CreateNewLeltet when you dick on the image letter. Your image should now appear. To test the link, click somewhere in the document away from the code, then double-click on the image.

A new docu- ment based on the template you selected when you created the macro should appear. You can dose and dis- card this document as you don’t need it. Creating a match- ing text link is similar to the proces.

For a tidy presentation, you can make changes to the built-in styles so the text links look the same. Formal, and Font Change the formatting to the settings you want, and dick OK twice. Still in the Style dialogue, choose Followed Hyperlinks from the Style list, then select Modify, Formal, Font, and repeat the process of choosing how elements of your links appear.

To remove the border and fill from the text box. To ensure that the Fidd Codes aren’t displayed but their results are , choose Tools, Options, the View lab, disable the Field Codes checkbox in the lop right of the dialogue, and click OK. Now save your document, taking note of the file- To make sure you can open the document and that its macros will run, change Word’s macro security level by selecting Tools, Macro, Security, and the Security Level tab.

Select the Medium option and click OK. Now dose Word. To set your new command centre file so it opens whenev- er Word is loaded, create a backup of ynur current Word icon by holding the Control key as you drag a copy of the icon away.

After the text that identifies the location of your winwDrd. For exam- ple, if the file is called CommandCcnter. Now click your new icon and Word will open with your Command Centre file loaded.

To open une of the files listed, just dou- ble-click its icon. The command centre will remain open in Word until you close it, and it can be used over and over again to access existing documents and create new ones. Her colunuis appear regulariy m a number of publications in Australia, Canada, the U.

A colour paJeHe will appear, aud you can choose a different colour for your line. Now, right-click on your line. Right-click your mouse again, and select the Rotate option. The boxes will turn to circles, and you can now rotate the line, These two functions are very handy for creating simple anittw- tions — we’U be using them later. Using the pencil and pen tools If you want to draw simple, freehand lines, use the Pencil tool.

Click on the Pend] icon in the Toots palette, and you’ll notice your cursor changes into a pencil when you move it onto the Stage. Try drawing a wavy line. When you release your moase, youU notice the line you’ve drawn appears a bit more jagged than the line you drew with the Line tout.

This is because Straighten is the default option for drawing lines. To change this, go down to the Options palette and click on the stepped line icon. Ttvo other options will appear; Smooth and Ink.

Select Smooth and try drawing a r. Go hack to the Options palette and choose Ink. This particular setting will provide you with a line that most res»n- hies what you draw, though you wiD still The Pen is a very different drawing tool.

It can create either straight lines or curves based on two or more points, Select it, then dick anywhere on the Stage. Now click somewhere else on the Stage. A line will immediately be drawn between the two points. Go somewhere else on the Stage, dick and hold the mouse button down. You recognize therefore considerably on the subject of this subject, made me for my part consider it from so many numerous angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated until it is one thing to accomplish with Girl gaga!

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