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Adobe illustrator cc new features free

Mar 16,  · Adobe Illustrator has released many new cool features for its March update and is automatically available for Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) subscribers! Features include Real-time drawing and Editing, Enhanced Free Transform Tool and Cut and paste artboards between documents features. Watch our tutorial on getting started with the new . Feb 28,  · Illustrator has again received some needed type enhancements such as aligning text vertically to the top, middle, or bottom of a text frame. Another new feature is found in the Character panel. Illustrator now lets you set the actual font height reference. It is so useful when you want to align your stuff precisely with the text. The 3D effects in Illustrator just got a massive update with a completely new dedicated panel, professional Substance materials, rendering with Ray Tracing a.


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With Illustrator CS6 opens in new tabAdobe rewrote the application from the ground up. And the improvements in speed because of this are noticeable. It also delivered the new dark interface, making it feel more professional, and if we’re honest, a little foreign to hardcore Illustrator adobe illustrator cc new features free.

To find out how the tool can be improved further we canvassed the opinions of leading designers around the world. And here’s what they said they wanted from the release of Illustrator CS More than one designer mentioned autosave as a top priority for CS7, and with Photoshop CS6 opens in new tab and InDesign CS6 opens in new tab already sporting this feature, it’s very much a no-brainer.

Like every creative, I get sucked into my work and sometimes forget to hit the save button every 15 mins, so one of the things I’d like to see incorporated is auto-save. They lack any credible creativity or professionalism. Many of them are just tacky and completely unusable for a working illustrator!

Like auto-save, more brushes seems like something Adobe should definitely be working on. You can trace Illustrator’s 3D tools all the way back to the original CS release in And while I don’t think it makes sense for Illustrator to transform into one of these advanced 3D applications, I think that many illustrators might be able to take advantage of being able adobe illustrator cc new features free create basic 3D objects and text in a way that is similar to a traditional 3D application.

It could also be beneficial in getting accurate perspectives of simple 3D objects that are being added to a 2D illustration. Scottish illustration supremo Steven Bonner opens in new tab uses Adobe illustrator cc new features free every day – and from his list of requests you can really tell. Steven Bonner has more improvements he’d like to see in Illustrator CS7.

They never work in the way you’d expect. Either fix them or lose them. It may be a simple request, but layer folders were a big ask from many of the designers we contacted. Brighton-based animation, illustration and design company Greedy Fish opens in new tabfor example, requested the ability to put layers into folders to make exporting to After Effects and working on animations easier. There have been some improvements to layers in Illustrator CS6, such as being able to change the layer name directly in the panel, but being able to group layers into folders must be on the list for Illustrator CS7.

And if not, why not? Stijn Geleen opens in new tab suggested “a pathfinder that actually helps you find your way” and told us “as a Photoshop user I find Illustrator somewhat confusing. It would be really nice to see big animated pop-ups of how the pathfinder works as you hover over the different ways of uniting or dividing an object.

Of course you could turn this guide off – it might get annoying after a while! We think that’s an excellent idea that Adobe would do well to investigate. Finally, many of the designers we approached had things to say adobe illustrator cc new features free the way Adobe charges for its software.

They’d like to see a package option продолжение здесь for supplying all fonts, etc, to clients or printers – without having to be a member of the Creative Cloud. So how about it, Adobe? Words: Rob Carney opens in adobe illustrator cc new features free tab What did adobe illustrator cc new features free miss?

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